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Withstanding the Winds is an encouraging devotional journal that pieces together Scripture with true-to-life examples of triumph and trial, offering hope to those fighting in the trenches, strength for those whose hearts have fainted, and peace to those who feel downtrodden.

Withstanding The Winds
Book Genre = Non Fiction - Inspiration
Author = Charmain Griffiths
Date Published = May 17, 2011



Review By Margaret Lukasik

Withstanding the Winds, is beautiful, unique and life-changing!  Well-written, it covers all the issues of life with a mix of stories, scripture, encouragement and references for each to give the reader God's possibility for every problem humanity has had to suffer.   

Charmain knows the Bible and she knows how to bring forth it's truth cleverly through stories of possibility and God's grace.  As she brings the men and women heroes of the Bible to life and likens them to modern-day people, just like you and me, we see how they used God’s Word to achieve the impossible, just as we can do today.   

When I read Christian information books for review, I like to read them as if I were a new Christian, excited to read every word, and I wasn't disappointed. Withstanding the Winds, kept me excited, wanting to read more.  I couldn't help but love the specific analogies used that made the scriptures come alive.  I believe that after reading this dynamic book, even new Christians suffering through tough struggles will see the light of Jesus and meet Him from where they are today for healing and restoration. 

There were times I felt like writing down notes or thoughts in comment to Charmain's writing or for journaling, and I was delighted that it was possible!  At the end of each short story she includes a place for writing down a personal prayer or comment if you feel the need or are inspired.

While reading through to almost the end of Charmain's book I realized how she subtly lifted me up higher and higher until I felt as if I were touching the highest thoughts of God we're told to think in Isaiah 55:9.


Isaiah 55:9 (KJV)

"For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts."

Let this amazing book lead you to God’s higher thoughts that will help you make those difficult changes in life that we tend to slide under the carpet and say, "well, I’ll get to that as soon as I’m done with this or that." God’s will should always come first.  It is not secondary to our wants and desires.  It always works out when we bend God's way because He straightens our walk with success and accomplishments we could never achieve on our own.  God is good and Withstanding the Winds never lets you forget that His promises are real and His Word the only truth to seek after for the rest of our lives.

For every ounce of inspiration Charmain gives in her journal, she also gives a pound of understanding and clarity of the scriptures.  I highly recommend her journal to all Christians to read as a daily  devotional.  And when you have come to the end, begin all over again.  It's rich in God’s Word filled with faith building information that can be used as daily affirmations.  Read it, live it, and enjoy it! This book will change your life!


About Charmain Griffiths

Charmain Griffiths Charmain is a wife of 20+ years and the mother of 3 teenagers. She loves the Lord and believes in the Written Word of God. She is currently working on her MBA and she works full time for the local government in her County.  She loves to give motivational speeches and just encourage others.


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If you prefer not to wait for the completed review, and would like to purchase Charmain Griffith's, Withstanding The Winds now, you can do so by clicking on the link below.