If You Would Like To Share Salvation With
 Others And You Don't Know Where To Begin...  

You Don't Have To Let Your Dream Become A Passing Memory That Will Die Before It Has A Chance To Come To Life! 


I know how hard it can be when your life is busy with children, work, school, church and family obligations, but I found a way to help share salvation with the lost in the mist of working full-time and taking care of my family. 


Hello, I'm the author of this website and I'm excited to share with you information about HOW YOU TOO CAN SHARE THE GOSPEL NO MATTER WHAT YOUR LIFE IS LIKE TODAY.  

Although I am now able to work exclusively on my websites, I began my Internet ministries while I still had children at home and in the midst of having more responsibilities.  It was difficult at first, but over time I've developed a means of sharing the gospel in a way that is easy, fun and most important, brings the Christian audience I need to my site.  And I do it for less than a hundred dollars a year!

When I first began building my websites, I paid much more money than I do today. With trial and error I found the best methods of developing a successful website and blog for only $99.00 a year.  Then I found a way to easily help others do the same.  

With my program you can begin the work on your own or I can help you all the way.  It's up to you!  But either way, you will be able to live the dreams that God put into your heart for sharing the gospel.   

My Website Creation Program Is For Everyone, Including You If You're Having Problems Getting Started Online Or You Don't Know Where Or How To Begin.  My Experience Might Be What You Need.

I have all the answers you need to get started today no matter what your budget, technical skills or Internet marketing abilities.  My program will make it easy for you to become a website whiz within a month or sooner!

You'll be able to get started right away!  Are you ready to begin right now?  

If the answer is yes, then why procrastinate?  You can begin as soon as you contact me or take the instruction that I give you to begin.  If I hadn't started in 1999 I would have missed out on the joy and fulfillment my Internet ministries have given me over the years.  

I began as a Christian counselor and in time turned my counseling into a life coaching and mentoring program, helping Christians use the Word to overcome the problems keeping them from living God's blessings.  Now, I'm teaching other Christians how to integrate Christian principles into their coaching programs for a more powerful approach.  

I also teach Christians how to begin their own Christian Internet ministries, sharing the gospel as a part of their Christian service.  We've all been called to minister, but not all of us were called to minister within the church.  So we all have to look to God in order to discover our place in the Body of Christ.  

One of the best ways to begin is to begin an Internet ministry because no matter what work you may be called to do, today you will need a website to enhance it. And you may find that your calling or ministry is complete within the realm of writing on the Internet and perhaps writing books and ebooks.  The Internet will make this all possible.

If you already have an Internet ministry but it's not moving in the right direction, I can help you get it going in the right direction for success in order to reach the unsaved all over the world.  


With My Help, You Can Make Sure Your Existing Website Reaches Out To The Unsaved All Over The World

I will Teach You Step-by-Step What To Do! 

Website Creation

Or I Can Do The Work For You.  It's Your Choice!

I have five different packages that will get you started today if you're ready to live live the dreams that God put into your heart!  It's time to take control over your life the way I have and live it God's way.  When you do, you'll feel a great joy and relief that you are finally listening to that small, quiet voice from withing your heart convicting you to help save the lost.    

So if you're ready to begin your web presence in a way that will get you the traffic and the growth you need, I can begin creating your pages based upon your ministry choice, talent and abilities.  Or I can teach you how to do the work yourself or repair an already existing site to get the audience you need to share your message, sell your products or writing.

If my program is what you've been looking for, then please review the following information.  Then contact me for more information if you would like to ask more questions or find out how I can specifically help you and your ministry idea.   

By developing your site in a way that focuses on your specific ministry you will have the possibility of working your ministry in time without the diversion of working a job at the same time.  This was always my greatest dream!  If it can happen for me, then it can happen for you as well by putting God at the center.



I will give you my very best service, making sure that I am always available for communication to avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings or concerns.


For each of my packages, I offer a specific number of pages and services.  With all of my sites I offer the benefit of a matching blog that will be integrated within your website.  This will make it easy for you to use your website and make it grow. Also, you will not have to pay a separate hosting fee for the blog.  It will not add any extra cost to your hosting fee as it will be free.  Both the blog and website together will help you to achieve a successful and high-ranking website.
  • I will help you choose the best hosting plan with one of the top website hosting companies.  I have been using them myself for over ten years and am a very satisfied customer. 
  • I will help you choose the website creation package that is best for you and your budget.  Once you make your order I will be immediately notified.  I will then contact you by email so that we can take a little time to plan your theme and design.  
  • I will take that information and design your website and blog to match from scratch.  My design service is free, so you will not be charged and further costs. You will not see the design that I create and that you approve of on any other website as I will create the look of your site for you alone.  It will be totally unique! 
  • When the website is completed within a month or less, I will show you how to work both the site and the blog.  It's that simple!

I normally begin work on a website right away, unless I am given other instructions.  Once I begin, there is no stopping and starting at a later date. I work through until the site is completed as described in the plan chosen. However for the larger packages, it may take as long for me to complete the site as it does for a client to make available all of the information needed for page content. 

On most Christian subjects I can create articles, but when it comes to specific information the client needs to provide, I can't move forward until I receive whatever I need. So if a client becomes too busy to work with me, then there might be a delay.

However, I have been very fortunate with most of my clients supplying the information I need at the beginning.  Most of the communication between us comes from the excitement they have watching their sites grow from day to day.  

I create all major content pages as well as minor pages (contact me, about me, etc.) in a way that will eventually bring traffic and get good page ranking with the major search engines.  So although a large growth does take some time, traffic begins right away and page ranking usually occurs within the first two months or sooner.  

If you are interested in my mentoring program you can call or email me for the information on how we can work together to get your site up and running.

To view my Website Creation Package pricing go here or return home.

Common Questions I Get Asked About My Website Creation Package:  


A.  Yes it is.  I can evaluate your website for free and give you an honest appraisal of whether your web host will allow you to create the kind of site needed to bring you an income generating site with growing traffic.  If it can't be done, then I will tell you.  If it can, you can choose a Mentoring Plan where I tell you what to do or I do the work for you.


A.  With a payment arrangement instead of paying the website creation cost in full, all work will be completed according to payment received to avoid the problem of my completing a website and not getting full-payment.  Once a payment plan has been established, the client will be given a schedule of work that I will complete for each payment period.  When the scheduled work is completed for one month, no further work will be done until the next payment has been received.  So this will slow down the progress of the website completion.

There will be no refunds for work done, however, I will work with you all the way for your satisfaction.  If you are making payments and wish to take over the completion of your website, all payments received are not refunded.  However you will be free to continue the work on your website on your own and without my help or futher payment.  Any and all files created for your site will be turned over to you.  I will no longer be responsible for building your website


A. For any of the pages I create, I will supply and use photos where I feel they are needed.  I have many photographs at my disposal for most subjects. I will also use your own photos at your request. 

Normally I don't create business logos as a part of the package. However, I will create a simple design for free with your business or ministry name or initials. 

I will also do a few simple graphics where needed, but I do not include custom graphics as a part of each Website Creation Package.   



 From Deborah Nembhard-Colquhoun

    Canadian Evangelist and Christian Author


Hi Margaret,

I am so fortunate to have you do all of my SBI website work for me at such a reasonable price and on top of that you will be teaching me. Bless the Lord! You are my blessing sent from God.  You seem to know my own heart in the creation of my pages!  


 From Naomi Lewis

     Christian Singer, Song Writer and Author

Naomi Lewis

You are such an earthly angel sent by God! Thank you for your hard work and the time you put into creating my pages. 

This site is very important to both myself and my disabled daughter who has inspired my first CD.  Thank you for keeping in contact with me!  


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My Website Creation Package List:

Go here to view my package features, price list and video.  


If you have questions please contact me. If you wish to speak by phone and you live in the United States, I will be happy to call you once we set up a time by email.

Website Creation Package and all associated materials and related studies are the complete work of the site's author, Margaret Lukasik, and cannot be copied by any means without her express written permission.

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