Mother's Day Church Service

A new idea for Mother's Day Church Service.  If you're a pastor, teacher or involved in the church in a leadership position where you will deliver a Mother's Day message, here are a few suggestions that will help you include women who are not mothers for a variety of reasons which can be painful.  For reference to this article read Another Side Of Motherhood first.

Mother's Day Church Service

Challenges For Spiritual Parenting

Notice: Though directed to women, in this article and for this day, mention should be made of the men who are not fathers and for whom often the pain is even more deeply hidden. Include them in the challenges listed below.

Mother's Day Church Service Suggestions:

  • Remind all of the women in the church that the option to be a spiritual parent is one that is open to all women, as the prophet Isaiah said in Isaiah. 
Isaiah 54:1 "Sing, O barren woman, you who never bore a child; burst into song, shout for joy, you who  were never in labor; because more are the children of the desolate woman than of her who has a husband," says the LORD.

You Can Be A Spiritual Woman And Not Have Children

  • Remind them that although they may not have physical children and truly insurmountable obstacles may prevent that, that nothing can prevent the birthing and raising of many spiritual children.
  • Remind them that to be childless does not mean you do not have God's favor.  Jesus never had an earthly child. Consider what that may have meant. He was fully human. Most likely all his childhood friends had children when he left home to travel around Israel and teach.  

    I have wondered if the human part of him didn't feel pain, perhaps sometimes wondering what it would be like to have lived quietly in Nazareth and had a son who would have grown up beside him in the carpenter shop or a little daughter who would bring him water in the middle of a hot day. 

    We know he struggled with God the Father over the cross and I wonder if in some lonely early morning prayer times he struggled with the wish that a child, like the children who loved him and clamored to be on his lap as he traveled and taught, that someday one would be his, truly, humanly, physically his.
yvon prehn,

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