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Men and women of God all over the world are living their lives in poverty or without a job or career they can count on or enjoy.  They live from pay check to pay check, wondering how they are going to take care of their family's needs now and in the future.  Does this sound like you?

If not, maybe your financial needs are met but you feel there is something more to life that you're missing--you don't feel fulfilled or that you're living God's best for your life.  If this is the case, you are hearing the Holy Spirit, trying to get your attention so that He can bear witness with your spirit about God's plans and purposes for your life.

God placed dreams in the hearts of His children at salvation, but if you don't take the time to hear what God desires for your life, then those dreams will never become a reality.  You will never be able to live the complete life that belongs to you in Jesus Christ.  While it's true that God will bless you as you trust and have faith in Him, it's also true that God's greatest blessings come when His children are in obedience to His special plan for their lives. 

Many Christians are afraid to get too close to God because they don't want to let go of their lives the way they are. They sense that what God is offering them is something wonderful and amazing, yet they are afraid to tread the unknown. If you're afraid to receive the special and unique work or service that God has for you alone, the Kings and Priests Bible Study will show you how to walk in boldness toward God to receive His best and to experience His greatest blessings.

If you've already taken the Living Your Destiny Condensed Bible Study and it has been a blessing to you, then it's time to learn what direction you have been called by God to take.  Were you called to be a King who works within a career or business, or a Priest who works within the ministry as a spiritual leader in the capacity God has ordained for your life? 

Living Your Destiny In Christ

We need instruction to discover God's call upon our lives, but it's not really that difficult if we have the right attitudes, the desire to center our lives upon Christ, and a commitment to obey God's Word and personal guidance.  So how does a Christian begin these changes  with God? And is it ever too late for a person to begin?  

It's never too late with God to make the changes in our lives He desires, but it's important to change as we learn God's truth (His Word).  However, it's not always easy to understand what changes to make and how to make them. This is why I created the the Kings and Priests Bible Study.  

I took the subject of "Market Place Ministry" in ministry school and studied on my own about "Kings" and "Priests" to get a better understanding of the subject because it can be confusing as a layperson to live God's will.  Also many Christians were never taught that they have a place in the body of Christ and that they must look to God for leadership, preparation and refinement.

It can be difficult to walk in God's will when we don't know how to do it or how to begin. So this is the purpose of the Kings and Priests Bible Study. I wanted to share what I had learned with other Christians, including my experiences along the way as a layperson following God's will for my life.  Now that information is ready to help you find your way in Christ so that you can become the person God has designed.

There's really no more to say.  You have been given a free will to choose if you want to follow God's will or your own.  No one can make the choice for you.  If you decide to put it off, then you may get so involved with your own choices you may never give yourself the opportunity to live God's best for your life.  So make the choice now!

What will it be?

Are you going to continue following your own path and take all the ups and downs that go with the unknown?  Or are you going to walk with God, taking the high-road to success with God leading you all the way?  

God knows what's ahead in your life.  He can help you to avoid disasters and people who might try to deceive you.  He will show you how to prepare for your work, business, or ministry in a way that will fit with what you're doing now and in the right timing that will work with your life.

Bible Study For Kings and Priests

"Kings and Priests Bible Study" by Margaret Lukasik

  • Discovering the call of God on your life 
  • How to receive guidance from God
  • How To say and use the prayer of dedication and consecration
  • Using the different forms of prayer
  • Knowing that it is God's will to have "Marketplace Ministers" as well as "Priests"
  • Discover the role of a King within the concept of scripture 
  • Discover the role of a Priest within the context of scripture  
  • Get a better understanding of Kingdom living
  • Develop the right attitudes for living God's will
  • How to walk in God's anointing
  • How to let God take over your life without feeling afraid of losing it.
  • How to pray for your coworkers, city and church
  • How to face opposition against your ministry
  • How to spark revival in your area for safety, prosperity and salvation
  • To be aware of the needs around you as God meets your needs
  • How to allow God to make you financially wealthy for the sake of His Kingdom
  • How to take God's authority and use it instead of your own ability
  • Learn how to use the principles at play for financial growth within your ministry
  • Receive life-changing revelation about your life and your ministry.

Part of your development process as a Christian is also to take the necessary or appropriate steps of preparation for what you should do. For example if you are called to be a "Priest," you will consider ministry studies and colleges, the type of church you were called to minister, or whether to start your own ministry, and so forth. This is all information that you will receive by God's guidance and wisdom as you learn what He has called you to do. 

Find out your destiny with God by taking this one of a kind study you won't find anywhere else.  I want you to succeed with God and His plans for your life so that you can live the best life God has prepared for you.


Margaret Lukasik


God's Wealth Plan
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  • The Introduction To The Studies
  • The Opening Prayer And Other Prayers To Receive Your Calling 
  • Ten Bible Study Lessons To Get You On Track With God! 

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Find Out If You

...Are a "King"
  Bible Study For Priests and Kings

Or a "Priest"

Destiny Bible Study


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Many Christians ask God over and over again to show them what to do, then they sit back and wait for Him to do something instead of taking action. 

What Is Your Function Within The Body Of Christ?

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We are all ministers, but each of us has been chosen to a special ministry. It's important that we let God help us discover and develop us for the special work we each have to do as a King or as a Priest.  

Priests and Kings:

priests and kings marketplace ministry

Priests and  Kings work together, reaching out to the unsaved within the church or within a marketplace ministry.