Holiday Preparation

This Christmas holiday preparation article will help you enjoy the holiday season rather than feel the dread of rushing around, buying too many gifts and making sure your visit everyone you care about.

Christmas Preparation


Let The Holiday Spirit Ring With A New Sound

The holidays can cause us to lose sight of the spirit of joy and peace of the season while rushing around with the hustle and bustle of Christmas activities.  We get stressed and sometimes angry while getting our homes ready to make the most important people in our lives happy on that special day.  Somehow that doesn' make too much sense.

It's counterproductive to plan a successful holiday event or plan to attend one if you have to be angry or stressed before the "Big Day."  My thought is to use Christmas holiday preparation as a time to practice being at peace no matter what goes wrong or how much you have to do. It's not only productive, but it will create worthwhile times during the year with your children and friends.

Besides the obvious tips such as prioritizing and not taking on too many
activities or responsibilities, I thought I'd go a step further.  I suggest we all use this Christmas to become more patient, kind and loving to all-- even to those who we find most irritating, such as a grumpy neighbor or the know-it-all relative we try to avoid. 

Taking on this challenge will develop in us a deeper character to not just get through difficult times, but to think of them as challenges for improving how we appreciate the good in our lives and the joy of spreading kindness thankfulness.

Patience takes practice, so it won't do to say, "I've never had patience," or "I'm not a patient person," and then expect everyone to work around your determination to get angry or to get frustrated.  Be the one to smile and let things go.  Don't point out trivial behaviors in others that may not be acceptable to you, but are not really going to bring anyone harm.  A smile and a kind look can dissipate trouble rather than a challenging remark that is guaranteed to instigate trouble. 

Shifting to kindness after a heated moment of anger will set the tone for peace to be restored.  I believe that small defining moments create who we really are.  If we care about others enough to think beyond our personal feelings, we'll not only be in control of our environment no matter where we are, but we'll always grow in the direction of successful patterns that will create what we desire to achieve or become. 

Practicing self-control is to have control!  It makes us leaders, and tells others we're not small-minded, but big hearted and at the same time intelligent and wise.  This amounts to respect and honor.  People will give you great blessings because you will be revered as a peace maker and a man or a women who is fair and just. 

Let this Christmas develop in you an attitude of looking at the negative sides of others from the point of view of a parent.  They see the faults of their children, yet they love them all the same. 

We can do this very thing with others.  Instead of complaining that someone treated you mean, look at their actions as if they are a child and you are the adult.  Think about how that feels.  Doesn't it give you a feeling of empowerment?  Don't you feel very adult and in charge of the situation?

Those feelings will not only bring successful results in the present, but they will create in you a feeling of confidence that you can make what you want to happen. 

Let your love so shine this Christmas so that there will be no need to think about New Year's resolutions.  You'll already be in control to accomplish whatever it is that you want.  Let it always be kindness first and let it always begin with you!

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Make the most out of each holiday season by preparing ahead in little bits of time rather than a day or two before the holiday or even.

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