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Writing the Food Pantry Guidebook Review for "How Shall We Feed Them?" was such a pleasure because both of my parents, who have gone to be with the Lord, spent their latter years organizing and filling the their church food pantry.  

     They loved serving the Lord in this particular capacity, but somehow after their passing I forgot about this important function that should be an integral utility of every church.  So I write this review with thankfulness to the author, Martha Girardier, for sharing her expertise to help Pastors and members of their congregations take this function to it's ultimate best. It's also a good reminder to Christians that their church food pantry needs to be filled.

How Shall We Feed Them?


Food Pantry Guidebook Review by Margaret Lukasik...

A Practical Guide for Organizing a Food Pantry


What a joy "How Shall We Feed Them?," by Marty Girardier, was to read!  

There are many aspects to Christianity, but one that is especially overlooked today in the light of a difficult economy is the church food pantry. Yet it is another way in which we can not only bless those who are lacking food for their families, but it is also a means by which God can bring financial increase as we commit to help others according to Luke 6:38.

Marty's book presents a two-fold insight into this important ministry.  She shares many inspirational stories about meeting the needs of the hungry in local communities while offering a practical food pantry guide to inspire churches and Christian organizations to revitalize food pantries in order to make them a blessing to their church body and communities.

If you're interested in this ministry for your church, Marty offers a "Food Pantry Tools" section that is based upon her successful experience.  I really loved this part of the book because it is written in an easy, concise manner that gives ideas, a food pantry action plan, a check-off list, contribution sign-up and much more. 

This book is a "must-read" for all Christians because each of us is responsible to get involved with our local church food pantry system as a layperson or a church leader.

Five Star Rating For Christian Charity 

I don't normally rate books that I review, but my Food Pantry Guidebook Review gives this book a 5 star rating, with five stars ranking the highest because of the author's vision beyond the mechanics of an efficiently run church food pantry. According to Marty's insights, there is much more to a church food pantry than organization and teamwork.  To find out what that is, read her book "How Shall We Feed Them?" and learn how a food pantry ministry can be a blessing beyond the church doors.


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Martha Girardier

"Marty Girardier answered God's call on her life in 2004 by revitalizing the food pantry ministry at Great Bridge Baptist Church. In 2008, she stepped down as the Cupboards for Christ chairperson and began writing on how God had directed her to organize the food pantry. Currently she is the food pantry liaison for Hickory Ridge Community Church and Great Bridge Baptist Church, who work together to help feed those in need. Marty talks about this God directed church transition in her book, "How Shall We Feed Them" that was newly released in February 2010.

If you're Interested in a food pantry workshop to learn more, Contact Marty Girardier, through her weblog. She will be glad to respond back.

If you have any questions about this inspirational book or my food pantry guidebook review, please e-mail Margaret or Martha directly.

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