EXERCISE YOUR FAITH         Faith Study Part II

You must walk in faith to exercise your faith.  You must use it to make it grow. There is no other way because this is a scriptural principle.


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               The Fight Of Faith

In the last lesson, you learned form Christ that there are three types of faith.  So far you have learned about having "no faith" and what faith is according to scripture. Now it's time to learn how to make your faith grow by using it.

In 1 Timothy 6:12, Paul says this about faith,

Fight the good fight of faith.

Faith is made for conflict. It does not grow without conflict. It does not grow without pressure. You need to use it.

We must work our faith muscles everyday just as a body builder has to work his or her physical muscles every day.  They have to work their weights every day in order to build their muscles.

The same thing is true when it comes to faith. Faith is a muscle that you have to use. It is not enough just to listen to your Bible teaching CDs all day long. Hearing alone is not enough to develop faith. You must use your faith muscle.

That is what the fight of faith is all about. You must exercise your faith when you are standing in the midst of your storm, and you are assailed by temptations and every kind of trial that tells you you are not going to make it, that you are going down with the ship as the disciples thought when they were blowing in the storm with Jesus (
Mark 4:37-40).

As you stand in the midst of your storm, and the wind is howling around you, and the lightning is flashing, and the waves are breaking over the bow of your ship, stand up and say, "I believe God, that it is going to be just as it was told me." That is where the fight of faith comes in.

Whatever circumstances you are experiencing, as you exercise your faith by trusting God to help you, a change will occur that will put you on top any situation in victory!  God will never let you down. Continue to Little Faith In God Part III.


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