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recovery from child abuse

The Child Abuse Victim Recovery Section is for adults who are presently suffering from a past of child abuse that is now keeping them from moving forward in life. More specific, if you're suffering from any form of childhood abuse, my goal is to help you lift the cloud of whatever form of depression you may be experiencing to find healing and inner growth. This is because all lasting changes begin from the inside out.

That's not to say that if you are an abused person without a past of child abuse, my information can't help you. If you are suffering from abuse in any form, God will provide the healing you need to live a successful life.

God meets the needs of all who seek Him, but it is important to understand and use His wisdom when dealing with abusive people. This section will help you put yourself above your abuser no matter how long you have been brainwashed to believe their life is more important than yours. It is also a means of preparing you to break free from the past to live God's will for your life which you can't fully do if you are a broken individual.

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recovery from child abuse

You may also find that the person abusing you today, may be reacting to your past abuse from a parent or family member. Adults who have been abused as children grow up with a "victim mentality" and in some instances can trigger an abusive situation with a person who had never been abusive in their past, but may have witnessed violence as a child.

This does not make their abuse right, but it clarifies where your thinking needs adjustment through the process of transformation according to Romans 12:2 and 10:17. You must severe ties with that person to become "whole," but with the right changes made within both parties, there is the possibility for healing and reuniting if so desired by both individuals.

Child Abuse Victim Recovery Mission: The main theme of this study is to help you learn how to change the pattern of abuse that has tainted your spirit, soul, mind and body. I was physically and verbally abused as a child, and have therefore made it my mission to help others like me use the same Biblical principles I used to become the person God had intended.

Now through my "Seed of Recreation Study" anyone can live in the present to live in joy and peace while they express the unique person that lies within. You can expect a complete character make-over that will enhance who you are and give you the ability to succeed in all you do from relationships to career choices.

I know this Bible study is going to change your life because it turned mine around a full 180 degrees. Until that time, I made little progress due to my attempts for change through willpower and suppression.

If you haven't already, you must make the commitment for change by whatever source you believe will help you. If you don't, your life will always be the result of the abuse that gave you a tainted reality.

Childhood abuse may have already caused you to become:

  • an abuser, even if it's against your will
  • a perpetual victim unable to avoid disastrous relationships
  • unable to have a successful job or career to earn a good living
  • a failure in your pursuits
  • unable to relate to people
  • insecure with low self-esteem
  • an addictive personality
  • a person with negative feelings, perceptions, or actions...


Who Am I?

In 1999 I started one of the first Christian counseling sites on the Internet, and I've been helping Christians all over the world change their lives in many areas ever since through my free studies and articles. 

My personal progress for a successful transformation could have been expedited had I learned early in life how to change from the "non-person identity" given me as a child to the person I was meant to be.

However, I've gained much wisdom from my experience that I can share with those who are looking for a way out of the pain, trauma, sadness, shame, depression and nightmares, so I count it all a blessing to help others like me learn to live abundantly and with great fulfillment.



"This is what I have been waiting for all my life! The words are very well planned, and when I read them out loud, I find them working in my life. I always look forward to reading the next article from Victory Thru Christ Ministry. My faith has increased and I have started seeing changes in my life. Thanks so much for such a wonderful word. my life will never be the same in Jesus Name." God bless you, RK


Child Abuse Victim Recovery Links:

If The Thought of suicide, Gives you Peace, Stop!! Do not Take your Precious life! Your soul is worth more than the silver and gold of the earth.. More than all jewels thy spirit is worth.

Margaret's quote

"To Fix What Should Have Never Been Broken."

Child Abuse Victim Recovery Index and all associated materials and related studies are the complete work of the site's author, Margaret Lukasik, and cannot be copied by any means without her express written permission.

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  • Scripture - Use Scripture for meditation, affirmations and spiritual growth daily.  
  • The Seed Of Recreation - This life-changing study will take you out of your past in into present healing through Jesus Christ. Sign Up for this dynamic study by going to my subscription page.  Fill in the subscription form.   
  • Forgiveness God's Way - This Mini Study is important for all believers for healing and restoration.
  • Identify With Christ - Grow in your faith and self-esteem by the work of Jesus Christ on the cross. 

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