If you're not experiencing abundant living in Christ Jesus, this lesson is for you. It will change your reality about who you are in Christ.

Abundant Living In Christ

Spiritual Abundance For Fulfillment In Christ 

Look For Those Things Which Will Bring You The Greatest Spiritual Value

Having respect for spiritual abundance before material abundance will grow in you the ability to achieve God's wisdom for what is best in your life and for receiving God's guidance to live your calling or special work through a ministry, career or business.

This is successful Christian living and it is achieved by creating with God those things which will give you the greatest spiritual value as well as outward pleasure. Moreover, you'll receive them in practical ways that benefit you and all those around you.

Because God has given you the ability to control the circumstances in your life, you can:

      1. be restored from damage done to you

      2. create with God through the power of positive confession 

      3. live in peace and joy without guilt and feelings of failure

      4. live in good health and have divine healing

      5. be intelligent and wise with good common sense

Negative emotions and thinking will keep you distant from God because you must experience what you want first by faith according to Mark 11:24 with an attitude of thankfulness throughout your day. God does not dispense negativity in any form because it is not of Him.

God has provided abundant living in Christ that we are to take by faith.

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

The  steps below for abundant living in Christ are based upon scripture that will lead you to answered prayer for what you desire using the prayer of faith or the prayer of dedication and consecration for God's will to be done in your life.  For a study of faith and the different types of prayer, go here.

They were written in a way to expedite and develop the "God kind of faith."  I've noticed that some Christians are confused by the popular information from the "secret" or "the law of attraction."  Combining that information with God's word only produces confusion and in many cases failure, resulting in the belief that God's word doesn't work.

Stay clear of information that is not based upon God's Word or uses God's Word in part, but leaves out Jesus Christ as our redeemer and our Heavenly Father as the creator of all things.  We are not to refer to God as the "universe" or give it or other entities credit for God's creative work.  God created the universe and every living thing.  We were created in His image, so stick to the Word of God, follow Christ and you'll be set on the right path.


1.  Begin by listening to God's guidance for your life.  To learn how to do this, click on the "Holy Spirit Living" link below.  Doing this will put you on the path for the best opportunities to fulfill your destiny or unique place in life.  It's important to note that it's not God keeping opportunities from you.  When you're led by your mind alone, you can be lead astray in directions that don't capture God's will or your talents/passion. This creates a conflict which will keep you in a state of confusion.

2.  Seek your specific goal in life and be single-minded about it. When you do, you set God's law of advancement in motion toward you based upon I Peter 5:5-7.

3.  Next, you must learn how to trust God for success. This is accomplished by developing "faith" and being receptive to abundant living instead of feeling guilty or undeserving.  Begin by expressing gratitude to God day and night. Thankfulness to God will increase your faith and align you with abundant blessings. Listen to the words of praise and thankfulness you speak. This is easy to do when you realize that your success in life depends upon it -- and it builds more faith.

4.  When you know what you want, pray for it by the prayer of faith no matter what it is; an Internet home business, a new car, greater wisdom or whatever you believe will enrich your life.  Your faith will grow as you work within God's system. Don't let anxiety or pressure cause you to cheat or hurt someone for what you want. Instead, keep your mind at rest and believe by faith that whatever you have claimed, it's yours in that moment. Be thankful for it and don't stop until you receive it.

5.  Now it's time to visualize, personalize, and act upon your advancement. It's a human need and desire to move forward, so take this action with full determination and faith to succeed.  It's your right to become more, want more, and have more as long as your motives aren't selfish. God wants you to live a full well-rounded, abundant living lifestyle that will continue to advance you forward with God and in what you desire.

6.  Spend time confessing and personalizing what you believe.  You will feel your faith growing, and when it reaches the level where you believe with all your heart, your requests will be manifested.

7.  Give to others of your time, your joy, your talents or  whatever you have to give.  God's law of reciprocity will bless you as you become a blessing to others. As you freely give of whatever you have, you will receive more. 

8.  Always work efficiently to the best of your ability no matter how small the task. This will help you build a mental pattern of success.  At your job, do the same. It doesn't matter if you hate it or you believe it has little opportunity for advancement.  God will continue to move you forward. You may not see visible results at first, so you must see them in your mind and keep your vision, affirmations, and remain firm that you have what you want in the present. This is faith at work!

9.  The next step is crucial! Don't let doubt separate you from your vision and God. Use your faith (and statements of faith) to override any doubt in your mind. When others doubt your faith and vision for advancement, don't listen. This will help you to overcome fear and create a "success mentality" instead.
10.  You must be careful who you share your dreams with, and your time. Family members can sometimes be the most discouraging, especially when they see you moving along a different path than what they expect.  

11.  Don't allow anyone including yourself to take you out of the present and into your past. The past is dead. Forget about the mistakes you've made or any harm done to you! If you must, fix whatever you can for peace of mind and then move forward quickly.  Forgiveness must come into play for everyone including you. When this occurs, great things begin to happen and the real you will emerge. 

12.  Finally, be sure to always see God as the creator of all things; the supplier of your abundant living. He should be the center of your life. As you come to know Him, you'll realize that He has more than enough of everything you could want.  Believing this will keep you from becoming discouraged instead of thinking that there isn't enough of what you want or there is too much competition for it.

13.  With God it isn't necessary to put yourself in a competitive state of mind and limit your ability to fulfill your unique calling. God will supply all your needs, wants, and desires because there is no limit to the abundant living in Christ.

Take God's Promise For Your Life By Faith

You've been given a Biblical promise for abundant living in Christ.  Joy, peace, a work which gives you passion, a continued advancement in your spiritual growth and work, mental and physical health, wealth, healthy relationships, self esteem, and fulfillment belong to you!

This is a spiritual law found in 1 Peter 5:5-7 which states that as we humble ourselves before God He will promote us.

In a Biblical context, the word humble means yielding ourselves to God and His plan for us rather than to be proud and wanting to do our own thing. By following God's guidance for our lives we don't have to worry about our success because he tells us in I Peter 5:7 that we can caste all our cares upon Him because He cares for us.

Follow these no-fail secrets and abide by I Peter 5:7 with great expectation for your heart's desires, and you'll always have abundant living in Christ.

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