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My Quiet Rain book review reveals an entertaining story that talks about everyday life and overcoming catastrophe. This love story, written by April Williams, is sure to make you laugh, cry, and celebrate as you read about a young woman experiencing many trials in life as she continues to fall in love with the wrong men.

I hope you enjoy the special message I found within Quiet Rain's pages. Please see below for my review and April's website to read the first chapter.

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Quiet Rain by April Willians

Author = April Williams
Book Title= Quiet Rain
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Cover = Paperback
Book Genre= Religious Spiritual Fiction

Quiet Rain Book Review

by Margaret Lukasik

he story Quiet Rain by April Williams struck a very deep chord within me, bringing back memories of domestic abuse that has long since healed through the power of God's Word. Yet I so easily identified with her main character, Josie Gibbs, who begins the story in the midst of another dramatic domestic abuse battle that has left her feeling weak and helpless.

As I continued to read I was also reminded of the statistics I recently read concerning women and how one woman is assaulted or beaten every 9 seconds in the US. More shattering are the statistics* that 50% of the men who abuse their wives or partners also frequently abuse their children. But drifting back to the story I felt elated when pregnant Josie found the strength to leave her abusive boyfriend and return to the safety of her mother's home, although somewhat surprised to find that her mother had been caring for her two children, a son and a daughter by a different father who had been Josie's first love and now her ex-husband.

After reading through a few chapters, I realized how much of the author's heart had been poured into this story and how it was not going to go in the direction I had wanted. Yet as I lived through Josie's endless battle of choosing the wrong men, and as I felt myself hating her weakness, I realized the importance of April's story. She has not painted a picture of what life should be, but how life can just happen to people when they have little hope or a strong foundation of God's love abiding in them, causing them to fall into the same trap over and over again, not knowing how to be set free. Sometimes not knowing that they even should.

Josie Gibbs rushes into one relationship after another, like so many women do, believing they can make an impossible relationship work with a man who has little potential to provide, care for and love a woman and a family. However, once she does find true love, her vision suddenly becomes an impossible dream, leaving her to pick up the pieces with yet another man who appears to be someone caring and kind. Will she be happy with this man or once again be united with her true love again?

I won't reveal more of the story in order to preserve the chain of events that follow, but I will say that Josie's legacy is suddenly broken when the strength of one of her children rises like the tempest of an angry sea.

This exciting part of the story comes in a most unexpected way as Josie's children grow into adulthood. While this is not a Christian novel, I did accept reading it under the genre given it of Religious Spiritual Fiction. The story was more of an awakening of the human spirit, not so much by God but by one person's instinct to survive or die in order to create a better life.

The Bible says in Galatians 6:7, Whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. And in Proverbs 11:18 it says,The wicked man does deceptive work, but he who sows righteousness will have a sure reward. April's story certainly proves these verses true as the seeds of righteousness prevail at the end of the story.

Many times gritty, with some unexpected bad words and a little more detail than what many Christians might be used to reading about, April wrote in the tone of "true life" reality that isn't always comfortable to read or think about, but should be addressed more often by the Christian community. I admire April for writing a story that took strength and character, and much courage.

*(Strauss, Murray A, Gelles, Richard J., and Smith, Christine. 1990. Physical Violence in American Families; Risk Factors and Adaptations to Violence in 8,145 Families.

New Brunswick: Transaction Publishers)

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About the Author

Quiet Rain Book Review by April Willams
April Williams

April Williams was born in Bainbridge, Georgia. As a toddler, her mother relocated the family to Florida and settled in South Miami. April attended all the local schools there.

She is an active volunteer in her community and has been involved in programs including the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. annual celebrations and many South Miami community outreach gospel programs. Along with her writing, singing has always been a passion. She was one of the founding members for the Miracle Voice Ensemble.

Writing was the way April used to escape some of the hard times of her past. She discovered that she could live victoriously and help others by writing about her experiences, triumphs, and pains.

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