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Christian Book Reviews Package

Welcome To Our Christian Book Reviews For Unique Books Written Straight From The Hearts Of  Christian Authors. 

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Classic Christian Book Reviews

The following Christian book reviews by Margaret Lukasik are for books written by authors well known within the Christian community for the purpose of sharing Christian reading that played a large part in shaping her spiritual growth. These particular books are not a part of her general book review program.

Plans Purposes and Pursuits by Kenneth Hagin. "This book is so appropriate for all Christians. Kenneth E. Hagin was a Christian man who I so admired -- and who I so greatly miss since His passing. He was always a stickler for the truth about God's Word and this particular book gives a clear picture of the difference between God's will and the work of our flesh." More...

The Holy Spirit and His Gifts by Kenneth Hagin. "Get to know the Holy Spirit as a real entity... In ministry school I received an eye-opening example of how most Christians regard the Holy Spirit...we go our separate ways without acknowledging Him as if He had no importance. This is what we do and this is why life is so difficult--we turn our back on the One who God has given us to comfort us, show us things to come and to guide us as we're told in John 16:13-14." More...

Christ The Healer by F. F. Bosworth. "We need books such as this to prove that the Work of Jesus Christ is ongoing. With many churches claiming that miracles no longer happen, this age-old book proves that Christ's work is the same yesterday, today and forever." More..

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