We need books such as Christ The Healer to prove that the Work of Jesus Christ is ongoing. With many churches claiming that miracles no longer happen, this age-old book proves that Christ's work is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Divine Healing Belongs To Every Christian

Christ The Healer by FF Bosworth

Are you sick?  Do you know someone who is sick?  Let Christ heal you and open the door to this God-ordained blessing that belong to us all.

F. F. Bosworth was an evangelist who saw healing as a way to reach the lost.  How spectacular it is to be healed by God, yet many Christians remain sick and defeated.  Bosworth saw this need.  

His book enlightens all Christians to know that Christ is still healing today, giving scriptural proof of this fact along with the reasons why Christians are not healed when they pray. 

Reviews For This Timeless classic:

F. F. Bosworth

F.F. Bosworth

Review by Margaret Lukasik:

"My husband and I were given this book for study in ministry school.  Together we have had many healing miracles in our lives, but sometimes healing just didn't come--and we didn't know why.  What a blessing to have Christ's healing broken down for greater understanding so that all Christians can receive this blessing whenever they need it. 

Expect a clear understanding of God's healing message that will convince you that as our "High Priest" Jesus is still performing Miracles on our behalf by the Holy Spirit. As you learn about the healing power of Jesus Christ you will understand this is a means of Glorifying God. 


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5.0 out of 5 stars By Jeffry E. Ellis  Healing: Once and For All  November 18, 2004
This review is for:  Christ the Healer (Paperback)
FF Bosworth has written the definitive work on God's healing power and His will to heal all believers. If anyone has ever doubted God's will to heal everyone who asks, this is the book to read.

Relying solely on the Word of God, Bosworth clearly makes the case for divine healing. Page after page, the evidence mounts until the reader, at some point, relents under the weight of that evidence and says. "I believe!" When Christ suffered and died on the cross, He bought our salvation and our healing, once and for all.

If Smith Wigglesworth were alive and read this text, he would surely exclaim, "Amen!" At any rate, I'm glad Kenneth E. Hagin did read Christ the Healer and pointed me to it.

There are some extras in this edition: 22 Reasons Why Some People Aren't Healed, Testimonies, and Thirty-One Questions about divine healing.

This is more than Christian classic - it is a field manual for daily devotions, warfare and victory.

5.0 out of 5 stars The Gospel Truth, January 4, 2004
By  Rev. Joe DeJohn   (Goose Creek, SC United States)
This review is for:  Christ the Healer (Paperback)

This is the finest, most exhaustive and accurate book on healing that I have ever come across. Bosworth asks and answers the toughest questions, like why do some fail to receive healing; without the usual evangelical/denominational rhetoric of "He's using this to teach me", "I'm being tested" and the other religious nonsense that the church has been feed in this century. He also takes on the absurd teaching that Paul's Thorn in the Flesh was a sickness that God refused to heal. Lastly, his chapter entitled "Thirty-One Questions" destroys the notion that God brings sickness, that he teaches through suffering and that healing is not for the New Testament Church. When I read these sermons from the 1920's I had to laugh at those who refer to the Word of Faith as a "movement" and those who come against the "new" teachings of Bro. Hagin and Kenneth Copeland... it is the modern day church which has strayed from the Gospel not the WOF "movement". Get this book and share it with loved ones who are under attack in their bodies. The old-fashioned, straight Bible teachings ring true with a credibility that you would be hard pressed to match on your own. I call you blessed and highly favored!!

5.0 out of 5 stars Outstanding--a must-have in any faith library., November 15, 2002
By  Carrie Lundy  (Nashville, TN USA) 
This review is for:  Christ the Healer (Paperback)

You know how some people pray, "Oh Lord, please heal this person if it's Your will," like 1) they don't really expect Him to and 2) they're trying to talk God into doing something He doesn't want to do? It's impossible to have faith for something if you're not SURE God wants to do it. Well, this book will convince you that God DOES want health and wholeness for all His children. And just because the church, as a whole, isn't walking in the light of this absolute, rock-solid, Bible-based truth-- is no reason WE can't!

Get this book and go over the principles until the truth really sinks down into your spirit. Then find some like-minded, faith-filled believers and get into fellowship with them. It could save your life one day! And even if you never get sick, you'll be even more convinced of God's goodness and mercy and tender love, not just for all mankind, but for YOU.

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